RNM Recruiting is a technology search firm dedicated to recruiting for both industry and professional services companies across North America. Companies call us when they have a critical technology hire they are not able to identify on their own. We are experts at identifying and generating interest in candidates that otherwise never would have been presented to a Hiring Manager. We don't just "fill a job order", we help you hire difference makers who stay for the long haul.


RNM is best known for our attention to detail, ruthless work ethic, and passion for growing technology organizations with high retention placements. We are a high-caliber team of expert recruiters with a proven playbook that has enjoyed long term relationships with a very select client base. RNM is flexible, results-oriented organization full of smart, energetic people with an intense pursuit of client satisfaction.
Our Approach

We use everything we've got to bring you results. Вy blending a unique way of identifying and recruiting passive candidates, our revolutionary recruiting engine has only one outcome: success.

  • 1
    First, in an in-depth phone interview to identify the need and scope of search.
  • 2
    We identify a list of every target prospect matching that exact need to determine time frame of search and to set proper client expectations.
  • 3
    We construct a comprehensive recruiting campaign with unique messaging designed to generate passive candidate interest quickly.
  • 4
    We are not a recruiting firm that relies on emails and job postings. This is why we solve the need quickly. RNM is passionate when it comes to accountability on the phone. Whether that is calling someone cold, network or database – all targets are contacted within 48 hours of job order.
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    Efficient Growth
    For every four resumes submitted, one is hired (not interviewed). The efficiency with which we work will differentiate us quickly. Our model is built around quick results and candidate retention. This is why we have long standing relationships with all our current clients.

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