Aircraft Engine Purchase Agreement

Section 1. insurance. from delivery and continuously for two years after delivery, the buyer will carry or request mandatory legal insurance for any full aviation engine, including third-party aircraft, passengers, luggage, cargo, mail and liability insurance products, including, but not limited, war risk and allied risks, I) amounting to at least 600,000,000 USD for an event and overall with respect to product liability and (II) With insurers and liability. 4.1 Revenue taxes. The buyer and seller cooperate appropriately to legally mitigate or eliminate the taxation of sales, uses, excise, stamps, deferrals, capital gains, gross revenue or other taxes, taxes, royalties or royalties ("sales taxes") that may be imposed on the seller, buyer or engines by a public authority in a jurisdiction as a result of the sale or purchase of the engines. The purchase price does not include the amount of VAT that can be collected by a public authority in a jurisdiction following the sale of the engines under this agreement. The buyer is solely responsible and must pay immediately if, and on request compensate and compensate any seller in full compensation, after and against taxes, all taxes on turnover, and all penalties, fines, tax supplements and interest that may be collected by any government entity accordingly or in connection with the sale of the engines for any period upon delivery or after delivery. , with the exception of these taxes, on the basis of the annual income of sellers` allowances or any tax on the turnover collected by a court before delivery. NOW, THEREFORE, taking into account existing and reciprocal obligations and agreements, the buyer and seller agree as follows: The _________N__________zusammen of two _______Daten, parts, instruments, equipment, supplies, equipment or other equipment or objects installed on these aircraft and engines, as well as equipment and documents associated with the aircraft. as defined in this particular aircraft purchase contract (the "contract") between the seller and the purchasing unit.