What Is Evo Agreement

We are an unfortunate victim of a series of disturbing events in this endeavour. In early July, our company, Eden Life Market, purchased another grocery store in Pleasant Valley, NY. The previous owners had Evo Payments as their seller. Since the resumption of the operation, we have held all the assets of this former operation. The previous owners sent us to change the names and property on all accounts, since we had changed the name of the company after we opened. So we called the payment Evo, in the hope that we could change the account information in a transparent way. The salesman told us that it would be very simple and simple, and all we have to do is sign some documents (that`s where everything went wrong). I signed the documents with the agreement that the account names and bank account numbers will be changed and that the payments we have processed from the next day will be deposited into our new accounts. Confused, the deposits continue to go on the old bank account, so I called and did it on this problem that another representative told me it would pass when I receive the new device (which was not explained to us at first, red flag). We got the new device, we set it up, and great, the new payments arrived on our new bank accounts.

1 month later, we were still receiving a fee on the old bank account of the old EVO owner account (something new to me, they still had an account), which our account answered in the negative. I called them to inform them of what had happened, and they told me that it was because half of this month had processed some payments, which is why we are still dependent (okay). And the fees were different from what they were saying, and then we were asked to send a statement so they could take care of it (we were never contacted). The following month, the fees were reinstated to the bank account, which made the account negative, with bank fees. We called and learned: "The old account was never terminated." And shortly after we switched to a reseller processor, and surprise, a cancellation fee. How could we not have seen it coming, why was it not made clear, we thought that we would only change account information. A three-year contract!! and a $395 cancellation fee. We had already planned to change our POS system into a clover and we didn`t try to hook on anyone.

It is obvious, since we moved on to another company a little over two months later. In short history, we were never informed that we had to write a letter before the accounts were "officially closed," even though we called for closing our accounts. They waited for the fees to pile up. We wrote to them that they questioned the cancellation fees, to which we never received a response or call, until I called them to apply for status. It was refused, for reasons, never communicated (As from the beginning, lack of communication) We honestly think to contact our lawyer to see what we can do against a lawsuit. This is a fraud and a misrepresentation of our assessment. We never recommend this company. And as we try to expand and open other sites, this company is out of the question.

The new company we are using today has clearly indicated the advance fees, the contract agreement, that we should expect. And they called to resolve some misunderstandings in the fees after our first bill and we again got through it. As mentioned above, EVO Payments International does not offer any price indications on the company`s main website or on its websites in the United States or Canada.