The mystery of Ian Duncan.

In RNM terms, IAN DUNCAN is a name used amongst us recruiters to describe a candidate that has been identified as a superb prospect. Rather than classifying a candidate in our database as GREAT FIND! or MUST CALL! or STUD CANDIDATE!. RNM Recruiters have thought long and hard to come up with the name of someone who represented all of those adjectives. Many names have been considered. . . Michael Jordan, Abe Lincoln, Mickey Mantle, Steve Jobs, etc. And after much deliberation, RNM opted for IAN DUNCAN. Who is Ian Duncan? A simple question with anything but a simple answer. Free loader? Yes please. Making his debut appearance at the 2012 RNM Christmas dinner Ian made a splash by sampling the 89.99 surf and turf. Do you have an I.T. question? He doesn't have an I.T. answer. Do you like having your employees local? He doesn't. In fact, he's quick to offer remote solutions that compromise your team chemistry. Ian Duncan: The gift that keeps giving.
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